Potato-Smoked Salmon Belly

Many people trim and discard salmon belly not realizing that it is the fattiest and tastiest part of the fish.  In fact, I had quite a bit of trouble getting my hands on some belly this week.    After spending the weekend refining the potato smoking technique, I decided to potato-smoke some salmon belly and it turned […]

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Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes, when cooked, have a very mild garlic flavor with a texture and taste comparable to asparagus.  They can also be served raw and pack a much spicier punch this way.  The whole stalk can be eaten and they are cooked the same way one would cook asparagus.

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Potato Smoke (the idea)

  The idea is to take potatoes, dehydrate them, and use the “chips” as a kindle for smoking.  The thought came from a smoked salmon and potato dish that I had. Why not use the potato to smoke the salmon? Will the flavor of potato come through? Today I took some Yukon Gold Potatoes and made the […]

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Stop and Think

It is important to know where our food comes from in order to fully appreciate it. Today, it is easy to forget that the apple you pick up in the grocery store started as a seed at least six years ago.  That Rib Eye doesn’t cut itself into that perfect shape . While your looking for […]

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The Pocket Book

Once an idea is written down in this book it becomes real.  In it I write ideas for flavor combinations, techniques, and occasionally sketch’s of what I think a dish should look like.  With life coming from every direction it is often easy to forget these ideas. I have this book so that I can always be reminded […]

Peas and Carrots

As it begins to warm up outside I felt it was appropriate to do another dish based around ice cream (I’ve had a recent obsession with ice cream). The natural sweetness of the english peas make for a fantastic ice cream base.  The flavors are light and refreshing.  Mint Sponge Foam 100 g whipping cream 28   g […]

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Crispy Carrot

  A crisp, a crack, and a crunch, and then… carrot.  I am excited for what this crisp has to offer in an upcoming dish.  It will be a play on peas and carrots.  And the crispiness will add some great texture.  As for the flavor,  it is pure carrot.

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Cook Books A few of my favorite cook books that inspire.

Musical Notes

Music is and extraordinary source of inspiration for me. I was very fortunate to be raised in a musically inclined family. There is a great connection between music and food. As with a song, a dish is built up of individual components (the instruments) to create a finished product that could not exist without the […]

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