This Is Love

Why do we put in 14 hour days next to a hot flame? Why do we peel mushrooms for hours at a time? Why do we put up with the burns and cuts and go on like nothing ever happened?  This is why.  For a truly transforming experience.  For making sure that the ingredient on […]

Musical Notes

Music is and extraordinary source of inspiration for me. I was very fortunate to be raised in a musically inclined family. There is a great connection between music and food. As with a song, a dish is built up of individual components (the instruments) to create a finished product that could not exist without the […]

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In any experimental process there are inevitably many breakdowns.  I have noticed how easy it is to want to give up in the face of these breakdowns.   More often then not things don’t come out quite how you expected and it can get very frustrating. One must see the breakdown for what it is; […]

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When I was much younger I wanted to be a magician.  I dedicated myself to learning how to use magic as a tool to astonish people.  Magic can take people right back to the bliss of early childhood.  A time when one was utterly amazed by the things in life that many of us grow up to […]

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What is the intention of this site?   To inspire, provoke, create, and share a new realm of possibility with food.  To establish a medium in which people can share ideas and learn from others. Thank you to everyone who is and will be keeping that intention alive.

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