This Is Love

Why do we put in 14 hour days next to a hot flame? Why do we peel mushrooms for hours at a time? Why do we put up with the burns and cuts and go on like nothing ever happened?  This is why.  For a truly transforming experience.  For making sure that the ingredient on […]

Dinner 8-15-09

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It’s Good to Slow Down

In this case it’s pork shoulder braised for nine hours.  Fork tender, juicy deliciousness.

Potato Smoke (the idea)

  The idea is to take potatoes, dehydrate them, and use the “chips” as a kindle for smoking.  The thought came from a smoked salmon and potato dish that I had. Why not use the potato to smoke the salmon? Will the flavor of potato come through? Today I took some Yukon Gold Potatoes and made the […]

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